Connecting Different Pipes: Ingesting ElasticSearch Data in Splunk

One of the more surprising realizations as we've started Cribl and started working with customers across all kinds of industry verticals is that nearly 100% of our customers and prospects are using multiple tools to solve their log analysis needs. Security alone can have 3 or more consumers of their log data. However, every log … Continue reading Connecting Different Pipes: Ingesting ElasticSearch Data in Splunk

Extending Cribl: Building Custom Functions

One constant in log use cases is that you can't plan for what you're going to find at customers. Whether it's multiple levels of encapsulation, like JSON-in-XML-in-Pipe-Separated (yes we've seen this), a need to radically transform the structure of events in a way we haven't seen, or a need to reach out to an external … Continue reading Extending Cribl: Building Custom Functions

Announcing Cribl, the Log Preprocessor

Today we're pleased to announce Cribl, the Log Preprocessor. Cribl is derived from the world cribble, which is a sieve or strainer. We chose the word cribble because getting value from log data is often a matter of sifting valuable log entries from a stream of significantly less valuable data. For the first time, Cribl … Continue reading Announcing Cribl, the Log Preprocessor