Extending Cribl: Building Custom Functions

One constant in log use cases is that you can't plan for what you're going to find at customers. Whether it's multiple levels of encapsulation, like JSON-in-XML-in-Pipe-Separated (yes we've seen this), a need to radically transform the structure of events in a way we haven't seen, or a need to reach out to an external … Continue reading Extending Cribl: Building Custom Functions

Serverless data forwarding to Cribl for AWS Services

Organizations with AWS footprint have many options to get data in to their log and event management platforms. So did we. Up until recently we were using a pull based solution supplied from one of our vendors. Data collection worked, until it didn't and we were starting to run into problems: We had to operate … Continue reading Serverless data forwarding to Cribl for AWS Services

Introducing Cribl LogStream v1.1

We're pleased to unveil our v1.1 release with several new capabilities and a host of new features This version of Cribl LogStream continues our promise to deliver unique intelligence, control and compliance over your logs and metrics data in real-time. It puts the admins in control and gives users the right data, with the right context, delivered to the … Continue reading Introducing Cribl LogStream v1.1