Announcing Cribl, the Log Preprocessor

Today we're pleased to announce Cribl, the Log Preprocessor. Cribl is derived from the world cribble, which is a sieve or strainer. We chose the word cribble because getting value from log data is often a matter of sifting valuable log entries from a stream of significantly less valuable data. For the first time, Cribl … Continue reading Announcing Cribl, the Log Preprocessor

Cribl Beta Release

We're extremely excited to announce the availability of Cribl Beta! As mentioned in the other post,¬†Cribl gives full access to the data in motion to lookup, enrich, redact, encrypt, transform, or sample data before indexing. This Beta release is focused on a tight integration with Splunk. It¬†allows for net new, and previously prohibitive use cases; … Continue reading Cribl Beta Release